New Book: Blended Learning – Research Perspectives, Volume 2


Dear Commons Community,

I would like to announce that a new book on blended learning research has just been published (2014) by Routledge/Taylor & Francis.  Edited by Chuck Dziuban (University of Central Florida), Charles Graham (Brigham Young University), and yours truly, it presents the research of 58 scholars from around the world.  At 376 pages and 21 chapters, it provides a plethora of insights into conducting research on blended learning while also providing the formal write-ups of fifteen empirical studies.

The book is organized as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Blending Learning Models and Scale
  • Evaluation
  • Faculty Issues
  • Studying Non-Traditional Learners
  • International Perspectives
  • Blended Learning in K-12
  • Conclusion

The reviews we have received so far are quite positive.  For example:

“The research explored in this volume, spanning engagement, pedagogical practice, and learning outcomes will ensure that blended learning is well understood and of high quality.” –Diana Oblinger, President and CEO, EDUCAUSE

“The thoughtful essays in this book highlight the myriad choices as well as challenges that instructors and learners face each day as they utilize web-based tools.” – Curt Bonk, President of CourseShare, LLC, and Professor of Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University

“Provides invaluable insights into the continued development of blended learning.” –Dr. Randy Garrison, Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Calgary, and Co-author of Blended Learning in Higher Education

“Describes the impact of different implementations of blended learning on the learner, the instructor, and the institution…laying the foundation for the ‘new norm’ in education.” –Phillip D. Long, Professor, University of Queensland

Further information is available at

If anybody is so inclined to purchase/read this book, my co-authors and I would love to hear back from you.



  1. This book sounds like a must read. We are purchasing it now for the BMCC E-Learning Center. Thanks!