Washington Monthly List of “Best Bang for the Buck” Lists Two CUNY Colleges as 2nd and 3rd!

Dear Commons Community,

The Washington Monthly List of “Best Bang for the Buck” colleges ranked Queens College and Baruch College as second and third.  While many of us in academia view these lists with suspicion even as an “insult to the intellectual, social and civic value of education” a New York Times article reports that the “best buy” rankings are the fastest-growing sector of the college rankings industry among high school students and their parents who are anxious about finances.  James Myskens, the president of Queens College,  said he was elated with the 2nd place ranking but “if it isn’t balanced by other perspectives, it’s dangerous.”

“…As he spoke during an interview, students in the next room were participating in a study group about the Middle East, learning how to engage with opponents without getting bogged down in accusation and retribution. Face-to-face interactions like that can be the most enriching part of college, Dr. Muyskens said, but they never make it into any algorithm of value.”



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