Professional Staff Congress Endorses Bill de Blasio for Mayor and Needs Your Support!

Dear Commons Community,

The Professional Staff Congress has sent out a call to its members seeking volunteers to help in the campaigns of candidates it is supporting in this year’s citywide elections.  Below is the letter from Steve London, First Vice President of the PSC.



Dear PSC Member:

The PSC has endorsed Bill de Blasio for Mayor, Letitia James for Public Advocate, and Scott Stringer for Comptroller.

The 2013 elections represent a special opportunity for union members and supporters of public education in New York City. After two decades of Giuliani and Bloomberg, we have a chance to elect a mayor and other officials who will change today’s policies of austerity – and we have eight weeks to make that happen.  The Democratic primary is September 10, and the PSC is working to make sure that the most pro-CUNY, pro-labor candidates will be on the ballot in November. I’m writing to ask you to volunteer in this effort.

Right now is a key time in this year’s elections. Most voters are undecided or not strongly committed to any candidate. In the next few weeks, they will start paying more attention to the race and decide who to support. That’s why we’re asking PSC members to volunteer some time to work on the mayoral race or other citywide contests:

BILL DE BLASIO FOR MAYOR: The PSC has endorsed Bill de Blasio for Mayor of New York City because of his clear progressive record and his focus on economic inequality. DeBlasio understands the strategic importance of education (and CUNY in particular) in expanding opportunity for New Yorkers who’ve been left behind in the Bloomberg era.

As The New York Times reported, De Blasio’s plan “to assess a tax on wealthier New Yorkers to pay for more prekindergarten and other programs,” and his proposal “that $150 million worth of corporate tax breaks be ended and the money invested instead in CUNY” helped him win the PSC’s support.

To volunteer on the de Blasio campaign in your neighborhood, you can sign up online at, or contact Harold Miller at or 917-576-5403.

LETITIA JAMES FOR PUBLIC ADVOCATE: A long-time progressive who has represented City Council District 35 in Brooklyn for three terms, Tish James has supported increased funding for CUNY and introduced a Council resolution criticizing the Pathways project.  As Chair of the Council’s Committee on Contracts, James demanded an investigation of the disastrous CityTime payroll project, which cost the City millions in fraudulent billing by private consultants.  A Lehman College graduate, she has been at the forefront of efforts to curtail the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy, which disproportionately affects CUNY students.  She has also fought to preserve community interests in the Atlantic Yard development.

To volunteer on the James campaign, contact Gina Bull at or 845-596-6512.

 Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has a strong record of support for CUNY.  A graduate of John Jay College, Stringer has also backed expanding college access for undocumented immigrant students through the New York State Dream Act, priority legislation for the PSC.  A current trustee of the New York City Employees Retirement System, he has worked to protect City employees’ retirement security.  An advocate for transparency in government, Stringer is a strong supporter of the public campaign finance system and has released his last five years of tax returns (something his opponent has refused to do).

To volunteer on the Stringer campaign, contact Anaf Uddin at 917-982-6800.
The PSC’s political action work is a people-powered effort, and it’s your participation that makes us effective. Please consider volunteering now – and let us know that you’ve done so by e-mailing Amanda Magalhaes (

Steve London

PSC First Vice President



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