Michelle Rhee’s Lobbying Group Rates State Education Policies: Who Cares?

Dear Commons Community,

Michelle Rhee’s lobbying group StudentsFirst has issued its first report ranking the  states based on how closely they follow the group’s platform, looking at policies related not only to tenure and evaluations but also to pensions and the governance of school districts. The group uses the classic academic grading system, awarding states A to F ratings.

With no states receiving an A, two states received B-minuses and 12 states were branded with an F.  The two highest-ranking states, Florida and Louisiana, received B-minus ratings. The states that were given F’s included Alabama, California, Iowa and New Hampshire. New Jersey and New York received D grades, and Connecticut a D-plus.

Other than some of the teacher bashing corporate foundation donors and FoxNews, it is not likely that this report will receive serious consideration.   Last week, it was reported that Democrats had all but abandoned her lobbying group. The New York Times reported this morning that:

Richard Zeiger, California’s chief deputy superintendent, called the state’s F rating a “badge of honor.” “This is an organization that frankly makes its living by asserting that schools are failing,” Mr. Zeiger said of StudentsFirst. “I would have been surprised if we had got anything else.”

In my opinion, StudentsFirst has one purpose and that is the greater glory of Michelle Rhee.  It should be renamed RheeFirst.




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