Petition at Queensborough Community College!

Dear Commons Community,

Gail Katherine Addiss provided an update on the situation at Queensborough Community College and the appointment of a temporary chair for the English Department.  She mentions that an electronic petition has been circulated asking President Diane Call to reverse her position on the appointment. The petition states:

“Dear President Call,

This is an open letter written on behalf of the 22 fulltime English Professors who voted for a change in leadership of our department and the many other faculty members, full and part-time, who support our decision. We and the undersigned are dismayed at your decision to reject our near three-fourths majority vote and appoint a temporary chair while a new chair is recruited in a national search. That you announced your decision to disregard our vote on Election Day would be amusing if the current situation were not so troubling.

We demand that you honor our vote and immediately approve our recommendation of Professor David Humphries as Chair of the English department.”

The CUNY community should be aware of this matter and faculty in particular should consider signing this petition.  As of a few minutes ago, there were more than 750 signers.

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