Election 2012 – Winners and Losers!!!

Dear Commons Community,

Analyses, speculations and critiques of the election  were in full swing yesterday and will continue for many days and weeks  to come. The New York Daily News had an interesting article on the winners and losers of the election.  Besides the obvious contest winners, the list included:

Bill Clinton who emerged as the “top-dog” of the Democratic Party;

Chris Christie for his non-partisanship in the throes of Hurricane Sandy;

Ohio which garnered more attention than any other state and propelled President Obama over the needed 270 electoral college votes;

Pollsters who were fairly consistent and accurate in their projections;

Big Bird who received praise and universal support after Romney vowed to cut funding to PBS.

The losers  included;

Donald Trump for acting like someone desperate for attention;

Clint Eastwood for his nutty rant at an empty chair at the Republican Convention;

Sara Palin who has become a non-entity except at Fox News and even there she was not given very much air time;

Pundits especially some of the cable news folks who tried to make every hiccup that either candidate made into national front page news.

I would add to the loser list, Karl Rove, who desperately tried to persuade Fox News on election night not to project Obama a winner in Ohio.  He looked pathetic with his PDA trying to make the case that there were a flood of Republican votes yet to be counted.  The problem was, as one statistician said, that there was an even bigger flood of Democratic votes yet to be counted .






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