Still Without Power – Also Maureen Dowd on Chris Christie and President Obama!

Dear Commons Community,

I am still without power and down to the last few minutes on my laptop before I have to find someplace to recharge it.  In any case, I hope everyone is doing fine and safe as we weather Sandy and its aftermath.

Never have I seen such devastation from a storm.  The road I live on has about eight  trees, a couple of utility poles and wires down within a three-quarter mile stretch.  You have to weave your car in and off the shoulder, under trunks of trees, etc.  to get by.

If you have electricity, are connected to the Internet and have time you might want to read Maureen Dowd’s column in today’s New York Times where she is  in awe of the new relationship between Governor Chris Christie and President Obama.   Here is an excerpt:

“Gov. Chris Christie, the fleece-wearing, order-barking Neptune of the Jersey Shore, was all over TV Tuesday, effusively praising the president for his luminous leadership on Hurricane Sandy, the same president he mocked last week at a Romney rally in Virginia as a naif groping to find “the light switch of leadership.”

As Romney roams the Midwest and Florida struggling to stay relevant, miming coordinating storm response with G.O.P. governors and collecting canned goods to send East, his fair-weather pal Christie failed to give Mittens any disaster relief.

On ABC, CBS and NBC, Christie hailed Obama as “outstanding.” On MSNBC, he said the president “has been all over this,” and on CNN, he called Obama “incredibly supportive.” The big guy even tweeted his thanks to the slender one.

Most astonishing of all, the New Jersey governor went on Fox News and spoke words rarely heard on that network: “I have to give the president great credit.”

“I spoke to the president three times yesterday,” Christie gushed. “He called me for the last time at midnight last night, asking what he could do.”

Christie also extolled FEMA, even though Romney has said it is “immoral” to spend money on federal disaster relief when the deficit is so big.”

If it takes the hurricane of the century to bring Republicans and Democrats together, so be it!

Stay safe!




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