Presidential Debate Round Two: President Obama Edges Out Mitt Romney!

Dear Commons Community,

The second presidential debate of this election year between President Obama and Mitt Romney was held last night at Hofstra University.   My impression informed by the immediate analysis of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, is that President Obama edged out Romney.

The debate was moderated by correspondent Candy Crowley.  She held her own in keeping the debaters to the issues/questions at hand and to time limits.  She did interject a fact check that will be picked up by Romney supporters as being biased to the President on an issue related to what he commented about the attack in Libya on the American embassy and whether he referred to it as a terrorist attack immediately after the incident.

The New York Times described the candidates “as bringing bare fists” to the debate:

“It was as if a different, highly charged president had taken the stage rather than the reluctant, disengaged-seeming candidate who showed up to meet Mr. Romney at their first debate two weeks ago.

Mr. Romney stayed acutely focused on Mr. Obama’s record in the face of it all, saying that the president had failed to deliver what he promised in his 2008 campaign and arguing repeatedly and strenuously, “We just can’t afford four more years like the last four years.”

The questions raised by the audience in a town-hall style setting were as follows:

  1. Job opportunities for college graduates
  2. Gasoline Prices
  3. Specificity regarding tax deductions directed at Mitt Romney
  4. Glass ceiling for women
  5. Lack of progress in addressing many of the problems created by President George W. Bush
  6. “I voted for you but not sure I will vote for you in 2012”  directed to President Obama
  7. Immigration
  8. The attack on the American embassy in Libya
  9. Gun control specifically related to assault weapons
  10. China the rise of its manufacturing base because of cheap labor
  11. What is the misconception that the public has of you directed to both candidates.

Good political theater especially since President Obama was more aggressive and the fact that the two candidates literally got into each other’s faces a couple of times.


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