We Can All Feel Secure About the Economy Now: George W. Bush Has a New Book on How to Fix it!!

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Good economic advice has been hard to come by during the last four years as our country and the world has floated in and out of the Great Recession.  Many of our fellow citizens are without jobs, the stock market is up and down and cities are filing for bankruptcy.  Not to fear, George W. Bush has a new book, The 4% Solution: Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs, providing advice on how to get the economy going again.  Essentially it is a push to unleash free enterprise according to one reviewer.   

“The ideas in the book include lowering corporate tax rates, shifting away from taxing income to taxing consumption and property, promoting innovation by letting professors keep gains from their research, expanding free-trade pacts with Japan and other countries, refocusing immigration policy to recruit more high-skill workers, and expanding the work force by lowering payroll taxes on employees with children.”

I am sorry but I have no idea who will buy this book authored by a president whose policies  and lack of oversight brought this country to its knees economically.  Chutzpah anyone!!!



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