Rebekah Brooks Charged Over Phone Hacking for Rupert Murdoch’s Newspapers: Faces Criminal Trial For ‘Perverting The Course Of Justice’ !

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Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper wing and a key figure in the phone hacking crisis, is to face criminal charges over the scandal, it was announced today.  The Huffington Post reported:

“The Crown Prosecution Service said that Brooks “conspired with her husband, Charles Brooks, and others to pervert the course of justice.”

Speaking at a press conference, Alison Levitt, the chief adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions, said that Brooks and five others —her husband, her assistant, their chauffeur, their security and the head of security at News International — had all been charged. (A seventh person was arrested but is not being charged.)

She claimed that, between July 6 and 19th of 2011, Brooks and her assistant had illegally removed seven boxes of material from News International headquarters, and the group had tried to conceal information from the police about the phone hacking scandal. The charges all stem from actions allegedly taken at the very height of the phone hacking scandal which had suddenly engulfed the entire Murdoch empire.”



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  1. The Murdoch Crime Family is being held to account for their crimes. Do we really believe that they weren’t paying off members of the Bush Administration and tapping phones in the USA?
    Why does the Republican Party accept so much money from this International Syndicate? How come none of this shows up on “fair and balanced” Fox News?