Sloan-C Conference on Blended Learning!

Dear Commons Community,

The Sloan-C Conference on Blended Learning is in full swing here in Milwaukee.  The keynote was delivered by David Wiley, Associate Professor from Brigham Young University.   His topic, Openness in Blended Learning:  Perfecting the Blend, focused on open educational resources and courses, affordable computing, open licensing, open access journals and open textbooks.   He was well-received by the audience, made up mostly of faculty and instructional designers.

Tanya Joosten (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) gave a brief preview of her new book, Social Media for Educators, and was available at a book signing.  I bought a copy and while I have not read it yet, it appears to have a good deal of useful insights on how to integrate social media into teaching and learning.

Also many excellent workshops, information and poster sessions.

Well done, Sloan-C!



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