Media All Over Zimmerman Appearance in Court!

Dear Commons Community,

The media were fixated on George Zimmerman’s appearance in a Florida courtroom yesterday to hear his plea of not guilty of second degree murder in the Trayvon Martin killing.  In the next few months leading up to a trial we will hear a lot about Angela Corey, the special prosecutor in the case.  Already the “experts” were weighing in on her decision to charge Zimmerman with second degree murder rather than the lesser charge of manslaughter.  Alan M. Dershowitz, well-known Harvard law professor, indicated on CNN yesterday that the charge of second degree murder was overreaching and will not be sustained during a trial.  Other experts indicated that Corey’s strategy appeared to be to go for the more serious charge with the hope of settling for the lesser charge of manslaughter or even laying the groundwork for negotiations to settle on  a plea deal with Zimmerman.

This is just the beginning!



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