New Book Claims O.J. Simpson’s Son Murdered Nicole Smith and Ronald Goldman!

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It’s often said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. But you can add “rehashing of the O.J. Simpson case” to that list — at least for the last 18 years.  So it should come as no surprise that a new book has been published about the 1994 murders of Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.  The Huffington Post has an article that reviews some of the claims in this new book O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It by private investigator William C. Dear.

“In the investigation into the murders of Brown and Goldman, Jason Simpson was never considered a suspect or a person of interest. The 41-year-old lives in Miami, where he reportedly works as a chef…

But Dear said he has spent nearly two decades looking into the case and assembled a mountain of circumstantial evidence, which, he said, suggests that O.J. Simpson had nothing to do with the murders of Brown and Goldman.

“I flew out two weeks after the murders,” he said. “I climbed over the back gate and walked the walkway to the front door, and that’s when I realized O.J. could not have done it. But he was there. He was either there at the time or there afterwards [and] became part of the crime.”

In his book, Dear claims that he has the knife used in the murders, along with photos and other evidence that suggest the true killer was Jason Simpson, O.J.’s son with his first wife.

“When I tell you we have the weapon — we found the weapon in Jason’s storage facility that he failed to make payments on. We know he carried it — his initials were carved in the leather sheath,” Dear said.

“We have emails from his former roommates that were in college with him. We have our suspect’s diaries. We have his forged time card, and we have the vehicle he was driving on the night of the murders,” said Dear.

The private investigator also claims to have photos of Jason Simpson wearing the knit cap that was found at the murder scene.

But why? Why would Jason Simpson kill Brown and Goldman?

During O.J. Simpson’s trial, prosecutors alleged that the defendant was obsessed with his ex-wife, that he was prone to jealous rages and that he would stalk her.

Dear contends that Jason Simpson has his own demons and suffers from “intermittent rage disorder.”

“Our suspect at the time was 5’11” and 235 pounds,” Dear said. “He was 24 years old, and he was on probation for assaulting his previous employer with a knife. In addition to that, he’s had three attempted suicides and has been in a psychiatric unit.”

Sound interesting and I am sure it is going to make the bestseller lists.


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