So What Happened to Newt?

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The latest Quinnipiac College poll has Newt Gingrich’s appeal slipping in Florida.  A week ago, he and Mitt Romney were polling neck and neck.  Now the poll indicates that 38% of likely Republican voters favor Romney to Gingrich’s 29%.    In addition, most commentators observed that Gingrich was clobbered by Romney during the CNN debate on Thursday night.  So what happened to Newt.

Howard Fineman in an article in the Huffington Post provides his insights.

First, the Palin factor.   Earlier this week Gingrich said he would offer former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a “major role in the next administration if I’m president.” That one statement scared the accept-Newt, Republican-establishment types. ”

Second, the Rubio factor.  Marco Rubio, the popular Cuban-American senator from Florida has not endorsed a candidate, but he doesn’t need to. He devastated Gingrich by complaining — vehemently — about an ad the Gingrich campaign had run calling Romney “the most anti-immigrant candidate”.

Third, the Moon Factor.  Gingrich went  too far when he vowed to establish an American space colony on the moon by the end of his second term.

Fourth, the Wolf Factor. Gingrich was unable to bully his way past the savvy Wolf Blitzer, the  CNN debate moderator, when the former speaker tried to decry the role of the mainstream media.

Lastly, the  O’Donnell Factor. Debate coach Brett O’Donnell earned his pay by coaching Romney.

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