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As mentioned earlier this week, I am at the Sloan Consortium’s Annual Online Learning Conference in Orlando Florida this week.  Yesterday myself and three colleagues visited the Florida Virtual School (FLVS).  FLVS was established in 1997 as its own school district to offer online and blended learning courses to mostly middle and high school students.  It employs more than 1,200 fully certified full-time teachers who have workloads of 150 students each which is about average for many high school  teachers assuming one was teaching 5 courses per semester.  The headcount enrollment is 122,000 students.

Each course is designed by teachers  and instructional designers and use common curriculum materials, assessments, etc.  It offers just about any course that could be offered in a middle or high school curriculum including electives such as Latin, Chinese, Advanced Placement courses, and even driver education.  Below are some “quick facts” about FLVS.

In sum, I was quite impressed with the operation.




Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an established leader in developing and providing virtual K-12 education solutions to students nationwide. A nationally recognized e-Learning model, FLVS was founded in 1997 was the country’s first state-wide Internet-based public high school. In 2000, the Florida Legislature established FLVS as an independent educational entity with a gubernatorial appointed board. FLVS is the only public school with funding tied directly to student performance.

Coverage Area – Worldwide

FLVS is part of the Florida public education system and serves students in all 67 Florida districts, 49 states, and 57 countries. FLVS also serves students, schools, and districts around the nation and world through tuition-based instruction, curriculum provision, and training.

Course Offerings

FLVS offers 110+ courses—including core subjects, world languages, electives, honors, and 15 Advanced Placement courses. FLVS courses are accepted for credit and are transferable. Florida Virtual School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and courses are NCAA approved. FLVS also offers AP Exam reviews in April, even for students who did not take the course through FLVS.


FLVS has over 1400 staff members who reside throughout Florida and beyond. All FLVS teachers possess a valid Florida teaching certificate and are certified specifically in the subject they teach. One hundred and twenty-five instructors are national board certified.

Student Enrollment

FLVS served over 122,000 students in 259,928 half-credit enrollments in the 2010-11 school year. Enrollment is open to public, private, and home school students. Students outside Florida enroll on a tuition basis.

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