Gail Collins Takes a Whack at Herman Cain!

Dear Commons Community,

Gail Collins in her NY Times column today takes a whack at the Republican favorite of the month primary candidate, Herman Cain.     Here are some examples:

“the core of the Cain story is how he rose in the world of business to become C.E.O. of a pizza chain [Godfather’s Pizza] whose name sounds kind of like an ethnic slur.”

“Cain’s chief economic adviser works at the Wells Fargo office in Pepper Pike, Ohio.”

“on the matter of immigration, Cain says that he thinks it would be a great idea to build an alligator-filled moat between the United States and Mexico. (“And make it a real big moat.”)”

She concludes that his real reason for running is not to win the nomination but to promote himself, his book and T.H.E. Inc., which stands for The Herminator Experience.

God help us but the sad truth is that given the way Washington D.C. has functioned for the past year, the Herminator probably would not be any worse.


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