You Love Your iPhone. Literally!

Dear Commons Community,

Joel Spring, a professor and colleague (Queens College and the Graduate Center), alerted me to a piece on addiction to cellular phones in the NY Times today.  Written by the popular author, Martin Lindstrom, it raises the question of whether we are addicted to or simply just in love with our electronic handhelds.  Citing neuroscience research including his own, a case can be made that we are becoming addicted to or at least overly in love with these devices.  His conclusion:

“As we embrace new technology that does everything but kiss us on the mouth, we risk cutting ourselves off from human interaction. For many, the iPhone has become a best friend, partner, lifeline, companion and, yes, even a Valentine. The man or woman we love most may be seated across from us in a romantic Paris bistro, but his or her 8GB, 16GB or 32GB rival lies in wait inside our pockets and purses.

My best advice?  Shut off your iPhone, order some good Champagne and find love and compassion the old-fashioned way.”






  1. Because it hasn’t happened to me since I’ve owned a phone (where by accident I left my phone home for the day), I wondered how long after reading that article would it be before I forgot my iPhone–sort of my own ‘Murphy’s Law/Supersition thing..!

    Well, I read that article Saturday (even posted it to fb) and left my phone home this morning- Monday! To make it even more amusing to me, I heard the phone chime out a calendar event from my room (I was in the kitchen making coffee before heading out for that event!) and distracted myself enough so that I didn’t return to my room to get it. It kind of got even funnier because in the elevator I discovered I left my textbook on the counter and going back upstairs to get it made me 5 minutes late to class… (aarrggh!) Should I chalk it up to a typical Monday?

    I think it was the ‘curse’ of that article coming to haunt me. (And no, I’m actually ok because of course, I have my work computer to keep the jitters at bay!)