The Strauss-Kahn Case OR Habitual Predator versus Habitual Liar!

Dear Commons Community,

Maureen Dowd reviewed the Strauss-Kahn/Sofitel Hotel/Rape case in the New York Times yesterday. She characterized Dominique Strauss-Kahn as a politically powerful white male who preyed on women. Based on comments this week by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, she characterized the victim in the case as a habitual liar.

Key Questions: Do we see Strauss-Kahn as taken down by a “nogoodnick with a druggie boyfriend” OR do we see an immigrant woman traumatized and thrown to the wolves by the justice system?

Conclusion: “When a habitual predator faces off against a habitual liar, the liar will most likely lose, even if it is the rare case when she is telling the truth.”


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