College Affordability – Two CUNY Colleges Highlighted in National Study!

Dear Common Community,

Manfred Phillipp, our colleague from Lehman College, passed this piece along to us on the UFS LISTSERV.  The Education Trust, in a report issued yesterday, concluded that five colleges across the country “are doing a good job of serving low-income students”.  Two of the five are CUNY colleges:  Queens and Baruch.  The Chronicle of Higher Education summarized the report and commented that the data is a bit complex and that the researchers had established an “unusually high bar”.  Essentially three criteria were used:

1.  Four-year colleges had to cost no more than $4,600 a year after all grants for students in households earning up to $30,000 a year.

2.  The colleges also had to have at least a 50-percent six-year graduation rate.

3.  At least 30 percent of their enrollments had to be Pell Grant recipients.

We congratulate our  colleagues at Queens and Baruch.



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