What Technology Wants!

Dear Commons Community,

I have just finished reading What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly. Those of us interested in broader issues such as technological determinism and technological pessimism will find it interesting.  Kelly covers a lot of ground especially when establishing a relationship between technological development and biological evolution.  He uses a term “technium” to refer to a larger technological entity that has driven technological development throughout millennia.  In what is probably the most controversial aspect of Kelly’s thesis, he refers to the technium as a “living organism” that permeates the universe.

Kelly is surely a technophile who sees much of what is good in technological development.  I believe he is  on fairly firm ground when discussing the evolution of technology and  especially on how it has expanded humankind’s choices and options.  Although interesting and provocative, I don’t accept his comparison of the technium to biological evolution.  I think this is a reach that I am sure anthropologists and others can easily refute.

In sum, if technology is your thing and especially if you see the “good” in its application, you will probably enjoy this book.


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