Variation of the Blended/Hybrid Learning Model!

Dear Commons Community,

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a brief article on a blended/hybrid learning model that I have not seen before.  All of the students at Milwaukee Community Cyber High School report to school everyday, log onto their workstations and take all of their classes online.  Students have their own workstations and individual filing cabinets.  Six full-time teachers are available to help students if they need it.  The teachers and students also meet as groups to discuss projects and “to bounce ideas off one another”.

Surely this model is not for everyone (no sports, no marching bands, no glee clubs) but it obviously has appeal to students who prefer it to the traditional classroom.   It also provides a community place and allows for direct social interaction among students and teachers.

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  1. think this is a great way for some people interested in a more relax learning environment but for people who loves to have a more active lifestyle then i guess traditional type should be preferred…