New York City High Schools to be Graded Based on their Student Performance in College!

Dear Commons Community,

Earlier this week, the New York City Department of Education announced that it would institute a new policy designed to follow the progress of high school graduates who pursue higher education at a CUNY college.  Specifically, a report will be prepared for each high school  telling them just how many of their students who arrived at the CUNY  needed remedial courses, as well as how many stayed enrolled after their first semester.    NYC high school students who enrolled in CUNY’s two-year or four-year colleges in 2007 needed at least one remedial course, and 40 percent of them dropped out within two years. I believe this policy was long overdue and a step forward in the right direction in attempting to bridge the high school and college academic progress of our City’s students.

A  New York Times article providing further details is available at:


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