Kidney Stone and Race to the Top!

Dear Commons Colleagues,

I have been quiet on this blog during the past few days mainly because I have been trying to pass a kidney stone.  While there is some relief in knowing one’s ailment, it does not ease the pain and nausea as the kidney stone makes its way through your urinary system.   I have been to the hospital once already and have a standing invitation to return if need be.

Regardless, this has been a busy few days for education news especially as states gear up to reapply for Race to the Top Funds.   There is an excellent article, The Teachers’ Union Last Stand, by Steve Brill in today’s NY Times Magazine that analyzes the politics and machinations of those in the federal government who have been pushing this program.  In New York, the media war over charter schools has heated up considerably.  Mr. Brill makes the point that President Obama may be the right person who can persuade the NEA and AFT leadership to modify their positions on a number of issues related to teacher evaluations, tenure, and seniority.

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