Two Days without Texting!

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Back in March I posted on this blog  information on the use of electronic devices by young people.  Specifically I referenced  a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation  that found the average young American (ages 8 -18)  spends  more than seven and a half hours a day using a smart phone, computer, television or other electronic device (see my post, Use of Electronic Devices by Young People – Study)

Recently, at Riverdale Country Day School in the Bronx, students participated in a two-day experiment where they had to forego use of text messaging.    A similar experiment was done by  researchers at the University of Maryland who reported that college students who swore off social media showed signs of withdrawal similar to those of drug addicts going cold turkey.  A NY Times article (see URL below) described some of the experiences of the students who participated in the Riverdale Country Day School Experiment.  The concluding statement in the article was:

“Fewer than half of the 250 middle school students at Riverdale participated in the experiment, but Julia, for one, found it valuable. Among the revelations was the envious reaction of her father, who pointed at his own BlackBerry and told her, “I’d give anything to put this down.”

Unlike him, she realized, she had a choice, the best youth has to offer: freedom. “


The complete NY Times article can be found at:

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  1. I’m really should not belong to Gen Y; I would have come out tops in this experiment. I can do without my mobile phone for days, and even forget at times that it exists. Seeing that all my friends live in the computer, it’s not so hard to still stay connected without a mobile phone. Oh, the irony…