F.C.C. Plan to Widen Internet Access in U.S.

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There is an interesting article in the NY Times today describing a new initiative (plan) of the F.C.C. regarding Internet access.  The article states that: “The Federal Communications Commission is proposing an ambitious 10-year plan that will reimagine the nation’s media and technology priorities by establishing high-speed Internet as the country’s dominant communication network. “  The plan reflects the government’s view that broadband Internet is becoming the common medium of the United States, gradually displacing the telephone and broadcast television industries.  The article goes on to state that:  “Broadband will be the indispensable platform to assure American competitiveness, ongoing job creation and innovation, and will affect nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives at home, at work, and in their communities.  The plan envisions a fully Web-connected world with split-second access to health care information and online classrooms, delivered through wireless devices yet to be dreamed up in Silicon Valley.”   Also notably, the plan will include an initiative the chairman of the F.C.C. calls 100 Squared — equipping 100 million households with high-speed Internet gushing through their pipes at 100 megabits a second by the end of this decade.    The average subscriber now receives speeds of three to four megabits a second. Lastly,  the plan will also call for a “digital literacy corps” to help unwired Americans learn online skills.

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