New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Spots Major Problem for Trump in Latest Polls:  ‘He’s In Trouble’

Chris Sununu (@ChrisSununu) / Twitter

Dear Commons Community,

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) said that Donald Trump is “in trouble” and that voters shouldn’t assume he has the 2024 Republican presidential nomination locked up.

While polls have Trump far ahead of his rivals, Sununu said on Fox News they also expose a key weakness, especially recent surveys in New Hampshire that show the former president’s support among the state’s GOP primary voters maxing out at just over 40%.

“That means 60% of the people don’t want him,” Sununu said in comments clipped by Mediaite. “And even of his own supporters, a recent poll said 50% would go to somebody else if given a good option. So, he’s in trouble when you really narrow it down.”

Sununu said voters in New Hampshire won’t make up their minds until around Christmas.

After that, the field will quickly shrink.

“And then, when it becomes a one-on-one race shortly after New Hampshire, Trump’s in trouble,” Sununu predicted.

Sununu, a longtime Trump critic, said he hasn’t decided who he’ll support.

“They gotta earn my vote as well as anybody else’s in New Hampshire,” he said.

Interesting analysis by a seasoned Republican!


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