Monica Lewinsky shows class in comments about Ken Starr!

Monica Lewinsky's relationship with President Bill Clinton as a White House intern became an explosive centerpiece of Ken Starr's long-running investigation of the Clintons. Bill Clinton's lie about the relationship triggered an impeachment.

Monica Lewinsky and Ken Starr

Dear Commons Community,

Ken Starr, the lawyer who led the high-profile investigation that resulted in President Bill Clinton’s 1998 impeachment for perjury, died yesterday.  On hearing of his passing,  Monica Lewinsky made a graceful post on Twitter about Starr, who had exposed her affair with Clinton.

Considering that Starr’s investigation helped turned Lewinsky into a target for public shaming and that her encounters with him were “avuncular and creepy,” it would be understandable if she wanted to get a few things off her chest for closure’s sake.

However, she didn’t do that. But what she did do was a master class in how to be graceful in a challenging situation.

Many were impressed by her comments and said that they wished they could be as classy under similar circumstances.

Well-done, Ms. Lewinsky!


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