Democratic Debates Celebrate the Diversity of the Party – Now It’s Time to Cull the Herd!


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Dear Commons Community,

On Tuesday and Wednesday, CNN hosted two nights of the Democratic Party Presidential Nomination Debates.  The good news was the diversity and number of candidates.  Women, blacks, Latinos, and gays were represented.  More importantly, the candidates also represented a diversity of ideas on healthcare, immigration, criminal justice, and the environment.  The bad news is that there are too many candidates and the Democratic Party now needs to cull the number and start focusing on a standard bearer.

Joe Biden, as the front runner, surely garnered most of the attention particularly last night.  The other candidates attacked him for his record and decades of involvement on a host of issues.   Julián Castro, at one point said the Party and his fellow candidates have to stop looking backwards and look towards the future.  I agree fully.  There is an incumbent Republican president who will not be a pushover in 2020 and the Democrats need to start rallying around their candidate and not risk splintering their constituents.  There is time to do this but they need to make sure that they do not bloody themselves too much in the process.


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