Former President Obama on Truth – No Basis for Cooperation without Facts!

Dear Commons Community,

After President Trump’s jaw-dropping joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, former President Barack Obama yesterday spoke  in Johannesburg, South Africa, and bemoaned the “utter loss of shame among political leaders who won’t quit lying.”

“Politicians have always lied, but it used to be if you caught them lying they’d be like, ’Oh, man,’” Obama said in a speech marking the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth. “Now they just keep on lying.”

“Unfortunately, too much of politics today seems to reject the very concept of objective truth,” he said. “People just make stuff up.”

The former president said such true-bending behavior can be seen in the “growth of state-sponsored propaganda” and “internet-driven fabrications”.

Obama never mentioned Trump or Putin once but his message was quite clear.  Check out the video above.   


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