Video: Bill Maher on Make America Learn Again!



Dear Commons Community,

Bill Maher said he wants just one thing this Valentine’s Day. And that’s to “Make America Learn Again.”

On Friday’s broadcast (see video above – he uses several rough words) of “Real Time,” Maher said “one of the saddest things” about the America that people now live in is that “we don’t seem to want smart people in our lives any more.”

“Smart presidents? Can’t have that. Scientists? What do they know? Newspaper editors? Liars, fake news!” he quipped.

More people now get their news from their Facebook feeds “by sharing, or as it used to be called, hearsay” than newspapers, Maher continued. Given that, he asked whether “this Valentine’s Day, can we please fall in love with knowledge again?”

Yes, let’s fall in love with knowledge again.  

And Happy Valentine’s Day!


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