Graduate Center’s Digital Research Institute – Wednesday!

Dear Commons Community, 

On the third day of the Digital Research Institute, there were a number of sessions on text analysis, time series/categorical data, HTML, Javascript, and working with databases using SQL.   I participated in the sessions on time series/categorical data and working with databases.

Hannah Aizenman led the time series/categorical data session. Using Pandas, a Python Data Analysis Library, Hannah demonstrated the flexibility of using a programming language to do data analysis.  Unfortunately, my computer gave me a couple of hiccups and I spent too much time resolving them.  Regardless, Hannah did a remarkable job on the topic.  She also demonstrated the benefits of this software where a researcher gains efficiency in working with data but has to invest time in learning a programming language’s capabilities. 

Ian Phillips led the afternoon session on databases using SQL.  Ian reminded the participants that good research requires creating, updating, and accessing data on a reliable platform.  He provided valuable examples of the basics of database design, development, and implementation.  In sum, a good database provides the researcher with the foundation for her/his analysis.

Valuable lessons for all!


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