New York Times Profiles Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace!

Chris Wallace

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The New York Times has an interesting piece today on Chris Wallace, the Fox News anchor, who unlike most of his colleagues, has shown an independence from the cable news station’s conservative, pro-Republican Party canon.  The article points to examples of Mr. Wallace criticizing his own Fox News colleagues.  For example:

“…there was the time he ticked off Roger Ailes, Fox’s powerful chairman, after chastising the hosts  of the network’s morning show, “Fox and Friends,” for their carping coverage of Senator Barack Obama in 2008.”

The article also has several Donald Trump stories especially an interview Wallace recently did with Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“In the Fox studio in Washington on Sunday, Mr. Wallace could not resist making mischief. After grilling Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Mr. Wallace reassured her during a commercial break that the segment had gone fine.

“It was clear you think Donald Trump sucks,” Mr. Wallace said, earning a laugh from Ms. Schultz.”

The article also provides insight into Chris Wallace’s complicated relationship with his famous father, Mike Wallace, long time interviewer with CBS’s Sixty Minutes.

Well worth a read and listen!



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