Clinton Wins Nevada;  Trump Wins South Carolina;  Jeb Bush Out!

Dear Commons Community,

The long awaited Nevada Democratic caucuses and South Carolina Republican primary were held yesterday and the results portend the respective party nominations.  Hillary Clinton won in Nevada and looks like she will march on to the Democratic nomination.  Much to the chagrin of the Republican Party “establishment”,  Donald Trump won handily in South Carolina with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz pretty much  tied for second.   Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Ben Carson were distant from the pack.  Jeb Bush with 7.8 percent of the vote announced last night that he was suspending his candidacy.

Barring any major stumble, the Nevada win leaves Hillary Clinton in the driver’s seat to be the Democratic nominee.  Donald Trump is looking unstoppable but the Republican Party establishment will desperately seek a way to deliver the nomination to Marco Rubio.



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