Mitt Romney Wins Nevada Caucuses!

Dear Commons Community,

Mitt Romney won the Nevada caucuses easily.  With about half of the results tabulated,  Romney had 43% of the vote to Newt Gingrich’s 26%.  Ron Paul had 18% and Rick Santorum 13%.  As the New York Times indicated, Romney was expected to do well in Nevada:

“Nevada is considered almost home turf for Mr. Romney, who is Mormon. Roughly one-quarter of Republican caucus goers were Mormon, according to entrance polls, and the state shares a border with Utah, where Mr. Romney won credit for saving the troubled 2002 Winter Olympics. But Nevada’s results may say little about the political terrain nationally, since far fewer caucus goers appeared to have turned out than the number of Republicans who did so at the Iowa caucuses last month.”

The Republican presidential primaries move on to Colorado, Minnesota and Maine next week.



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