Newt Gingrich in Retreat!

Dear Commons Community,

Newt Gingrich has called on the super Pac Winning our Future to withdraw the  video  King of Bain: When Mitt Romney Came to Town  from advertisement.  Misleading and exaggerated claims in the  film portray Mitt Romney as a heartless job killer when he was CEO of Bain Capital.   Winning our Future is a supporter of Mr. Gingrich who was the intended beneficiary of the film.  Gingrich has been joined the last few days  by Rick Perry and other Republican presidential candidates in blasting Romney for his years at Bain Capital.  Rick Perry went so far as to describe the company as an example of “vulture capitalism” according to a column in the New York Daily News.

It seems that the Republicans have gotten themselves into a little pickle over this video because it attacks the essence of Republican doctrine which is belief in free markets and free enterprise where competition is need to insure survival of the fittest.   The New York Times describes the film “as a political screed in the classic sense, a digital prosecution against Mr. Romney as a “corporate raider” whose business was “killing jobs for big financial rewards.” Over forbidding music, the baritone announcer says, “Nothing was spared; nothing mattered but greed.”

Houston we have a problem!!!


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