New York City Opera – A Ghost of its Former Self!

Dear Commons Community,

Today’s  NY Times editorial laments the diminution of what was once a great New York cultural treasure – the New York City Opera.  For those of us who enjoy and attend opera in New York, the City Opera was the opera for the people.  The company, which used to present as many as 20 productions in a season at Lincoln Center, will present four, which will be staged at BAM, El Museo del Barrio, and the Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College.  It is also quite possible that the chorus and the orchestra will be demoted from full-time employment to freelance status.

The editorial rightfully assigns responsibility for this predicament mainly to poor management and ruefully acknowledges that the City Opera is a ghost of its former creative self.    A lack of artistic direction, poor ticket sales, and budget overruns also contributed to its plight.

No Bravos or Bravas here.






  1. Terrible news. I just thought to look up the Amato Opera and found that it staged its last performance last year. I’m not an operagoer but wonder what is left in NYC for those who are. So … according to Wikpedia, “Performers in and former board members and friends of Amato Opera have formed two new competing opera companies: Bleecker Street Opera and Amore Opera.” I wonder what they’re doing with the Amato’s lovely building? Cheers.