Adobe Connect v. Elluminate

Dear Commons Community,

Yesterday I was a speaker at an online forum sponsored by EDUCAUSE.  The two-day forum   (Blended Learning: The 21st Century Learning Environment) was using Adobe Connect as the synchronous medium for participant/speaker interaction.  I have done a number of online presentations in the past but have always used another software product, Elluminate.  The template/screen options for the two products are essentially the same (at least for delivering a Powerpoint presentation).   Both products allow for telephone connections.  Yesterday the organizers required that all speakers use a telephone connection.  I must say that I found the telephone connection much more stable and the voice clearer with the Adobe product than what I have ever experienced in the past with Elluminate.    In fact, I have been on a number of conferences in Elluminate where voice connections especially those from a telephone line were not particularly good (low sound, static, break-ups).  I just thought I would pass this on to those of you who are thinking about software options for online conferences or webinars.


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