E-Book Prices Going Up?

Dear Commons Community,

There is an interesting discussion in an article in today’s NY Times regarding e-book pricing.  It suggests that many owners of Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers are cost conscious and will rebel if prices for an e-book go much above the standard Amazon price of $9.99.  I don’t know if this is true but in my own case, I know that the appeal of an e-reader surely relates to pricing.  I love my hard copy (dog-eared, pencil (not pen) marked-up in my favorite chair reading style) but I am very close to purchasing an e-reader because of price.  For instance, while writing an article recently, I came across a reference (book) that I would have loved to read a chapter for some particular point, when I checked to see its availability on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I was shocked at the $95. price but an e-book version was available at $9.99.  I would definitely have purchased the less expensive version and instead passed  on the hard copy.    I keep thinking about this experience and am leaning  to purchasing a Kindle or one of the other e-readers this summer.


The NY Times article is available at:  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/11/technology/11reader.html?th&emc=th


  1. I don’t know why Sony doesn’t do a better job of marketing its e-reader. Downloads e-library books for free!! Easy access from NYPL and Brooklyn websites.

  2. Tony. I have noticed the price creep with Amazon’s Kindle books. At first they were to be $9.99 but I see that is only an occasional price now. Since with the Kindle you basically have vapor ware, e.g., you can’t give it or loan the book to someone else, I have started to refrane from buying their books. Instead, I find the classic books for free or for $.99 that I have never read. I also like the feature of having the book read to me, but not for $15.

    The past couuple of weeks I have been reading books on my iPnone. I got FreeBooks for $4.95 and it gives me access to 26,000 titles for free. The screen is back-lit and I can change the font size. I have read Julis Ceasar’s “Gallic Wars” and am now reading the Letters of Pliny the Younger (books that I would never have read in paper). Right now I am waiting for the Apple Ibook and will see what they offer.