Cloud Computing – Google Chrome Moving Forward

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I am sure that many of you are aware of the push by some movers and shakers of the Internet software industry to “cloud computing”.    Companies such as Google and IBM are investing significant resources on the concept that more and more of the application software that currently resides on our personal desktop and laptop computers will be replaced by software that resides on large, high-end computers networked for all the world (in the clouds) to use.  In today’s NY Times there is an article (see below) reporting that Google is a step closer to distributing its Chrome operating system that relies on and facilitates “cloud” computing.


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  1. Janet,

    I don’t know that cloud computing is a revolution in the way we use technology that will be upon us in the next year or so but it is something worth knowing about. Major technology providers such as Google and IBM are investing heavily into this technology. Somewhere in the not too distant future there will be a major push to adopt cloud computing. The popularity in the past year of netbooks (small, very expensive Internet hookup devices with minimal software) is part of this technological approach.

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