NYC Public Schools – Marist Poll!

Dear Commons Community,

In a survey of 772 New York City residents, the latest Marist Poll gives the NYC public schools a mixed rating.  Nearly four in ten residents — 38% — think the schools in their community are either excellent or good. This includes 8% who believe they are excellent and 30% who say they are good. 34% perceive them to be fair while one in five — 20% — rate them poorly. Eight percent are unsure.

The schools fair better among parents with children in the city’s public schools. 53% of public school parents give the schools either excellent or good marks. 35% rate them as fair while 12% believe they are performing poorly.  However, there is a racial divide. 45% of white residents rate the schools highly. 36% of Latino residents and 25% of African American residents agree.

Respondents approval rating of the job Chancellor Cathy Black was doing was 17% down from a 21% approval rating in early February.

Lastly, teachers and the UFT get fairly good grades from the respondents –65% — say that today’s public school teachers receive less respect than when they were in school;   and 55% — say that, when thinking about the public school system in New York City, the teachers union does more good than harm.



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