President Obama: Chase Bank Massive Trade Failure is Why We Need Wall Street Reform!

Dear Commons Community, Several news and media outlets are reporting that President Barack Obama in referring to JPMorgan Chase’s $2 billion loss on Monday, said the bank’s massive failure proves why Wall Street reform is necessary. “JPMorgan is one of the best-managed banks there is,” Obama said during an interview on ABC’s “The View”. “Jamie […]

United States Ranked Best Higher Education System in the World!

Dear Commons Community, The Huffington Post is reporting that the United States has the best higher education system in the world, according to a new ranking released Friday by university network, Universitas 21. The group said their researchers looked at the most recent data from 48 countries across 20 different measures, including investment by governments […]

New York University Added to China’s List of Banned Internet Search Terms!

  Dear Commons Community, The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting that China’s Internet censors have added “New York University” to their list of blocked search terms, according to China Digital Times. Last week, NYU’s law school offered the blind civil-rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng a visiting-scholar position. Previously, Mr. Chen had taken refuge in the […]