Donald Trump Encouraging Joe Biden to Stay in the Presidential Election Race!

Dear Commons Community,

Donald Trump encouraged Joe Biden to stay in the race in a post on Truth Social yesterday.

“Crooked Joe Biden should ignore his many critics and move forward, with alacrity and strength, with his powerful and far reaching campaign,” Trump said in his post.

The call from Trump comes amidst just over a week of tension among Democrats in the aftermath of a shaky debate performance last Thursday. Biden sounded raspy and stumbled over his words during the CNN debate, which set off questions among Democrats as to whether he should remain the party’s candidate. Representative Angie Craig (D-Minn.) added herself to a growing list of Democrats calling upon President Joe Biden to drop out of his re-election campaign, saying, “There is only a small window left to make sure we have a candidate best equipped to make the case and win,” according to The Washington Post.

I wonder if Trump feels more confident in winning the election with Biden as the Democratic nominee versus someone else like Kamala Harris.



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