Video: Michael Cohen Calls Trump Attorney Todd Blanche a SLOAT – Stupidest Attorney of All Time!

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I saw an interview (see video below) last night on MSNBC during which Michael Cohen socked it to Todd Blanche, Trump’s attorney during the hush-money trial.   Cohen turned an insult from Blanche right back at him after the former president was convicted yesterday on all 34 charges in his trial  in New York City.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow noted during the interview that Blanche had said the former president was heavily involved in every substantive decision in his defense and asked Cohen if he saw Trump’s fingerprints on those tactics.

Cohen, a former private attorney and fixer for Trump and a star witness in the Manhattan trial, pointed to a moment during closing arguments when Blanche called Cohen the “GLOAT,” or “greatest liar of all time.”

“It’s a Donald Trump fourth-grade playground bullying type of tactic,” he said, then he put his own spin on that acronym for Blanche.

“I was going to call him a SLOAT, which is the stupidest lawyer of all time,” he said, specifically because of how Blanche allowed Trump to remain involved in his own defense. “You cannot listen to your client when you are trying to create a defense ― a defense that is as important as this one is.”

He said Blanche is now the attorney who lost the first criminal case against a former president.

“It is definitively the stupidest lawyer of all time,” he said. “It just made no sense at all… that’s not how you run a good defense.”

I don’t blame Cohen for gloating.  Blanche was merciless in his cross examination of Cohen during the trial.

Payback is a “b…h”!



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