Republican presidential candidate Will Hurd – Donald Trump is a “liar,” a “loser” and a “national security threat”

Congressman Will Hurd reflects on time as student president during Bonfire  collapse

Will Hurd

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Republican presidential candidate Will Hurd called Donald Trump a “liar,” a “loser” and a “national security threat” in a new round of jabs directed at his GOP rival.

Hurd went after the former president in an interview with PBS’ “Firing Line” that aired Friday, roughly two weeks after he claimed that Trump was running for the White House to “stay out of prison.”

“Donald Trump is a liar, Donald Trump is a loser and Donald Trump is a national security threat to the United States of America, and we need to be honest about that,” Hurd told host Margaret Hoover.

“If the GOP nominates him, then we’re giving Joe Biden and Kamala Harris four more years,” he added, referring to the current Democratic president and vice president.

Elsewhere in the interview, the former Texas congressman outlined his plans to “invigorate” moderate voters who have been demoralized by Trump’s grip on the GOP base.

“The way you invigorate all those people that are frustrated, and the way you inspire the independents and the center-left Dems who are sick and tired of the direction the Democratic Party is going, is by being honest,” Hurd said, noting that he’s had an aversion to bullies since childhood.

“I was recently in Iowa and spoke at a group that had a lot of Donald Trump supporters, and I had to break the news to them that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.”

The PBS program flashed back to a “prison” related dig that Hurd had made about Trump in the state — comments leading the former president to sail into a rant on his Truth Social platform.

Hurd noted that some folks in the booing and jeering crowd weren’t happy with him “being honest.”

“But guess what? It had to be said,” noted Hurd, who last month called out his fellow GOP candidates for being afraid to talk about Trump.

He added: “If we can’t have these honest debates within the Republican Party, then we’re not going to be able to ensure that this trend that has been happening for the last 20 years — where a Republican has lost the national vote for 20 years — that shouldn’t be the case, and it’s going to require us to be honest and look at ourselves.”

Don’t hold back, Will!


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