CNN Anchor Kaitlan Collins Asks Rep. Nancy Mace “Why She Called on Fellow Republicans to Stop Being A**holes to Women?”

Kaitlan Collins and Nancy Mace

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CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Friday questioned Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) over why she had called on fellow Republicans to “stop being assholes to women” while also backing a House amendment to block a Defense Department abortion policy.

Earlier that day, the chamber passed the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act with an amendment that would reverse the Pentagon policy, which reimburses travel expenses for service members who are stationed in states banning abortion but want to receive the procedure. A compromise on the final legislation is expected after the Senate passes its own version of the bill.

Mace, who voted in favor of the NDAA in the House, had sent a blunt message to her party over the amendment Thursday.

“If we want to show America that we can come together and that we care about women, we’ve got to stop being assholes to women,” she told CNN’s Manu Raju. “We’ve got to stop targeting women, and do the things that make a real difference.”

On a broadcast of “The Source,” Collins asked Mace about her vote.

“You said yesterday — and I’m quoting you now — that your party needs to ‘stop being assholes to women.’ So, why did you vote for this today?” asked the CNN anchor.

“I want to be consistent on military policy and whether travel — because this is very specific to travel. The military does not pay for abortion services at all. But this was strictly related to travel,” responded Mace, who has previously warned that her party will suffer in 2024 for its support of strict abortion measures.

“And the military does not in any other case reimburse for travel expenses for elected procedures. Now, I did not like the idea of this amendment. These are not issues that I believe we should be voting on right now without some consideration of what we can do to protect women and show that we’re pro-women, which has been my frustration for the better part of the last seven months.”

Collins later asked whether Mace thinks it’s “fair” that a service member in upstate New York has “more access to abortion services and reproductive health options” than a service member in Texas, who would have to travel to receive such care.

“Nothing in here would prohibit a woman from traveling out of state to follow state law,” said Mace, referring to the legislation.

“Nothing would prohibit her from being able to do that. There are no limits on her travel.”

You can’t have it both ways, Nancy!


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