Video: CBS “60 Minutes” Interviews Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Artificial Intelligence!

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Scott Pelley and Sundar Pichai

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Last night, CBS “60 Minutes” featured host Scott Pelley interviewing Sundar  Pichai and other executives at Google on the subject of artificial intelligence.  The interview featured examples of Google’s AI developments including Bard, robots that taught themselves to play soccer, and an AI program that has done 3-D maps of over 200 million amino proteins.  The last has never been accomplished by humans. 

The discussion also considered the future of AI.  Pichai’s responses indicated that AI is being developed very quickly and that he has concerns that it can be “harmful” if deployed wrongly.  He also  indicated that “we do not have all the answers” to what an AI infused world will look like.

The entire interview is below.

It is must see for anyone interested in this subject.



Interview starts at the 1 minute 40 second mark.

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