Meghan McCain Socks it to Donald Trump:  “I like people who aren’t indicted.”

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Meghan McCain.  (ABC Broadcasting)

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Meghan McCain, media personality and daughter of the late Senator and American war hero John McCain, has a long memory. A conservative of the old school, like her father, she has not warmed to the MAGA wing of the GOP, especially its foremost proponent, Donald Trump.

With news breaking that Trump is being indicted by a New York grand jury, Meghan McCain’s comment on the event was limited to a single sentence — though its echoes spoke volumes to all the establishment Republican figures with whom John McCain proudly claimed solidarity, and who practiced a bygone style of decorum that has been eviscerated in public by Trump.

Referencing an insult Trump once hurled at her late father, McCain wrote — without providing any context: “I like people who aren’t indicted.”

Those echoes refer to an egregious breach of decorum Trump committed in 2015, when he mocked Senator McCain’s war hero status. “He was a war hero because he was captured,” Trump said about McCain, adding: “I like people who weren’t captured.”

Hence the fodder Meghan McCain’s long-harbored revenge tweet: “I like people who aren’t indicted.”

Taunting McCain further, showing a disrespect that has since come to symbolize Trump’s routine treatment of his opponents, Trump added to his taunts by saying of McCain’s failed presidential run in 2008: “He lost and let us down. I’ve never liked him as much after that.”

Meghan McCain, evidently, was never going to forget.

Nor should she!



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  1. Meghan McCain’s comment should echo through the halls of Congress, forcing Republicans to face their unconscionable and cowardly support for Trump and his ilk.