Eric Fredericksen and New CHLOE Report: Higher Education Moving to a Blended University Model!

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My colleague, Eric Fredericksen, had an article in the The Evolllution yesterday entitled, “The Future of U.S. Higher Education with Online Learning—Two Steps Forward or One Step Back?”  In it he reviews several of the key findings of the recently released (CHLOE 7 Report—The Changing Landscape of Online Education).  Here is an excerpt.

“The CHLOE 7 report notes that Chief Online Officers (COOs) showed that student interest in online learning has grown substantially in the past two years, and the majority predicts it will continue. One could believe that virtually every college student’s experience with online learning exposed them to the variety of benefits online students have valued in the past: convenience, schedule adaptability, family responsibilities and work obligations, and effective instruction that could empower every student to have a voice. This newfound appreciation potentially contributes to more demand.

But beyond this positive enrollment forecast was our online learning leaders’ bold prediction about prevailing modes of learning at their institutions by 2025. COOs believe that very few students will be studying exclusively on campus or online by 2025. While there are modestly different views based on undergraduate versus graduate-level students, respondents foresee the vast majority of students at all levels combining on-campus and online courses into a blended academic experience. Given this potential seismic shift from the approximately 37% of students who took some or all their courses online, as reported in IPEDS in 2019, to the overwhelming majority predicted by 2025, what do higher education leaders need to consider to prepare their institutions for this evolution toward a more permanently hybrid campus? While many factors can influence institutional success, I would offer three to focus on.”

Fredericksen goes on to discuss institutional readiness, faculty development and support, and student support.

I agree completely with his analysis especially that American higher education is moving to a “blended university model.”  The entire article and the Chloe Report are well worth a read!

Congratulations Eric!


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