Trump Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s “A Sacred Oath” – The Latest Book on the Ex-President!

Mark Esper: Trump proposed assassinating 'senior Iranian officer' - The Jerusalem Post


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It seems every month a new book is published on  Donald Trump by one of his appointees. This month it is his Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, who in a “A Sacred Oath” reveals the lunacy of our ex-president.

Esper divulges that Trump astonishingly suggested sending missiles into Mexico to target drug labs. “No one would know it was us,” Trump explained, according to Esper.

(Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that he couldn’t figure out what was “so bad” about launching missiles into a foreign country.)

Esper also recounts in his book how Trump asked him if his top military officials could order troops to shoot protesters demonstrating after the police killing of George Floyd. Trump fired Esper in November 2020 after Esper said publicly he did not support using military troops against the wave of Black Lives Matter protesters.

Trump on multiple occasions also complained repeatedly about how “ugly” he found U.S. Navy ships,

Esper writes that Trump preferred the “sleek” lines of Russian and Italian ships.

Esper had to remind the then-commander-in-chief that the ships weren’t competing in a beauty contest, but were made to powerfully and effectively engage in battle.

Esper will probably sell a million copies!


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