Video: Stephen Colbert Taunts Devin Nunes with Why He’s ‘Perfect’ to Run the Trump Tech Startup Company!

Colbert’s Comments about Nunes come at about the 12:00 mark.

Dear Commons Community,

Stephen Colbert milked the news of Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-Calif.) imminent departure from Congress on last night’s  episode of “The Late Show.”

Nunes will now lead former President Donald Trump’s new tech startup despite having “no apparent prior experience working in the tech industry or as an executive,” the comedian noted.

But Nunes, he said, is actually the “perfect guy to make money off the old president, because he has experience milking things with leathery skin.”

“Now, usually, when the former president appoints someone who is grossly incompetent to an important position, he has a good reason: They’re related to him,” said Colbert. “That means the only reason Nunes got this gig is because Jared, Don Jr. and Eric all turned it down.”

Then came the Eric Trump impression:

“Sorry, dad, no can do. That job is beneath me. But I’d still like to be considered for the role of chief executive hug-receiver.”

Trump has done the country a favor by getting the repulsive Nunez out of Congress.


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